Grignolino label 2006

Every year we sell a little of the Pavia family's Grignolino: "the Beaujolais of Italy"(!). The Grignolino grape took a beating from the phylloxera epidemic of the late 1800s, and it's consequently a rarity even in its Piedmontese homeland. Quite a few of the bottles we sell go to Italians surprised to see a taste of home on the shelves in Ireland, but we have some devotees among our regular customers too. The wine is fragrant, light-bodied and fruity, but has enough tannin to give it structure and relatively fresh acidity - so it's a great choice for a barbeque or any foods on the fatty side. It would make a good match for plainish roast chicken or a meaty picnic.

On the topic of labels, the Pavias have changed their Grignolino label, from sort-of classic with-a-little-picture in previous vintages to the 2006 label reproduced here. No poll this time, because I haven't the old label to hand, though your comments are welcome - but I think it's a great improvement. The wine, on the other hand, has always been good.