Good Wine Show, Cork

You would expect a grand event that turned out a roaring success like the Good Wine Show to get a blog post to match, all-singing and all-dancing. Sorry folks. I've just been too, too busy with all the - agreeable - work that the Show created to trim a quill and write about it. Other people, however, have come up with the goods in no uncertain terms, and I refer you to some of them as the quickest way of summarizing a very good-natured event that has already paid off, if you want to be commercially minded about it, in various ways. If there weren't a Blake Creedon, we'd have to invent him. The lares and penates of wine in Cork, not to mention further afield, casts this spell over Bubble Brothers' part in the libations. The man they call Robert Francis Wine travelled down from Galway, bringing his Super 8 camera with him to telling effect. First blog post from any of the three exhibiting merchants was this one from the midnight-oil-burning Curious Wines. It's always refreshing to get a review from someone who's not one of the usual suspects, and it was a pleasure to meet the author in person too. It's always refreshing also to get a review from one or more of the usual suspects. Brian Clayton tells it like it is, and also wields a revealing camera, as you can see here. Conor O'Neill, who has made reviewing our wines as easy as SMS, joined in with a will too - and, naturally, wrote a review. We were naturally immensely grateful to the hospitable staff of the Clarion Hotel, and to the representatives of local food who participated in the event: you should investigate the good things to be had from Ummera Smokehouse, Arbutus Bakery, and On the Pig's Back. By way of procrastination, I'll save full acknowledgements to our visiting suppliers for another day, but needless to say it was great to have Pascal Gianesini of Château Jouclary; Toni Garriga of Mas Codina; Cédric and Dorothée Allion from Domaine du Haut Perron; and Ryan Morgan of the Rathbone Wine Group all in Cork with us. The inaugural Good Wine Show was a friendly, lively occasion for merchants and public to meet and discuss wine. Our hopes for it, not to be commercially minded, were fulfilled, then.