Fire extinguisher

Nicely busy here at the moment, he said, not without understatement.

Just a quick post to thank all those of you who have been so kind as to comment on the Culpeo wines served at BarCampIreland on Saturday. From doing what I could to spy in on proceedings electronically, I am very sorry I couldn't attend. Lots to think about. And, of course, I'm very happy the wine went down well. I'll make sure Juan Oyarzun at La Fortuna knows this.

On another matter, with reference to our Big Wine Event on Tuesday 24th October in the Clarion hotel in Cork, we are almost certain to be welcoming Jean-Marie Rimbert,

maker of Le Mas au Schiste, our - cult is not too strong a word - red wine from St-Chinian in the Languedoc. His website is being revamped at the moment, but it's bound to be worth a look when it's back.

We're also looking forward to the visit of a representative of one of our bigger champagne suppliers, Chanoine Frères. Oh, did I mention we're selling some champagne and wine to a soon-to-be-wed celebrity dancer and North Cork resident? Chanoine champagne, as it happens. Come along on the 24th and try for yourself the wine that cools the feet of flames.

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