Eric Chevalier

rouge-1.jpgrouge-2.jpgrouge-1.jpg Eric Chevalier, maker of the very successful Fié Gris and also a great Muscadet and rosé too, has sent me these kinetic and colourful pictures of his Cabernet Franc in maceration. His website has a TV report about how well his wines are doing in the UK - click here. Speaking of colourful kinetics, if you're interested to learn to swing dance, and precisely, Lindy Hop, you can now do this in Cork. Get along to one of two venues and find out what it's all about in time for de Jazz. This is an important way of having fun, which you shouldn't miss out on. Gentlemen are often scarce at such gatherings. This is as good a place as any to refer you to a buddy o'mine's blog post about a recent London Tap Jam.