Echo and Narcissus

...spem sine corpore amat, corpus putat esse, quod umbra est. ("He loves an unsubstantial hope and thinks that substance which is only shadow")
Don't make, or think I'm making, Narcissus' mistake. It's a bit of a week for us, interview-wise. The distinguished speaker at Thursday's inaugural meeting of the Blackrock Castle Wine Club and my colleague at Bubble Brothers, Mlle Valérie Ravillon, has been grilled by the Cork Evening Echo, which is fair enough in my view seeing as she's a local celebrity - or about to be one. I'm not so sure that the same paper really needs not one, but two, tuppenceworths, from me. One piece was about wine, so no problem there: it rather goes with the territory; but the other one was the sort of Desert Island Discs-y thing that would be interesting if it were about someone you'd heard of, in the public eye, &c. I'm just embarrassed, and should warn you not to believe everything you read in the papers, in case you didn't know that already. And then, by pure chance, good old Robert Francis Wine publishes more of my evasions today. As Charlie Brown might say, good grief.