Draught punch

Today is the first day of the Suffolk Show. If you're not going, you might still like to trade in your big new shiny jeep for an old banger and give the difference to the Suffolk Punch Trust. Save a rare breed horse, save the planet, that kind of woolly thinking, you know. I think we should just save 'em anyway. Update! Suffolk Punch And to ensure that we're all jolly fellows that follow the plough now that June is on its way, Bubble Brothers are, as I've mentioned, offering some TWO FOR TWENTY! deals, available from the English Market, here at the Wine Depot, or online: and a If you buy two of any of these you get both bottles for twenty euro. In the case of online purchases, the deduction comes at the point of checkout until I make the deal a bit more noticeable, so it's word of mouth only at the moment. And here are some sangria recipes for you.