Domaine Gautherin Chablis 2006

We finally found a minute or two on Thursday to sample the new, 2006 vintages of our Chablis and its oaked, old-vine sibling. Here's Alain Gautherin in action at our Dublin tasting a couple of years ago.

We don't have the 2006 wines in stock yet, but my next order will be made up of these, because the 2005 in both cuvées - which was very popular with our customers - is pretty much gone, here and in France. Natalie Gautherin is very good at keeping me up to date with availability, and also with the various awards that the domaine's wines rack up each time the guides &c. are published. Here, straight from her e-mail, is the news on the two wines we tasted:
CHABLIS 2006 : “Light yellow colour. Attractive nose suggesting apple flesh, lemon. Body in the mouth, flexible impact with lively development toward an acidulated finish. A perfumed, fresh Chablis, to enjoy as an aperitif, with a salad or fish dish.” Guide Gilbert Gaillard 2009 édition Score 85 / 100 CHABLIS VIEILLES VIGNES 2006 : Gold Burgondia Medal 2007 Score 15 / 20 « Light golden colour. A rather opulent nose mingling touches of lemon conserve and a discreet hint of wood. Opulent style, rich, balanced, with persistent aromas, to enjoy with scallops.” Guide Gilbert Gaillard 2009 édition
I think these descriptions are right on the money, and I'd emphasize that the discreet oak in the Vieilles Vignes is discreet, making this a very good choice as a food wine, even if oaked Chardonnay isn't something that you'd normally reach for. I took advantage of some erratic pricing in SuperValu a week or two ago, and got me a bottle of André Goichot's 2006 Chablis for under a tenner, just to see. Because of the vintage and the part of the world, it resembled the Gautherins' wine, but only as one dog resembles another, generically. The Goichot wine was, when all's said and done, and for less than ten euro, ok, but soapy and a little bitter in the finish and not a rebuy by any means: made to a price, whereas Alain Gautherin charges what the wine he makes is worth. In my humble. The domaine Gautherin website is here.