Domaine Aonghusa

We enjoyed an unscheduled visit from one of our suppliers yesterday! Pat Neville of Domaine Aonghusa in the Corbières called in briefly to pick up some of his own bottles to accompany an appearance at a meeting of the Cork Bottle and Wine Club in Fleming's. Airlines are a bit squeamish about liquid hand luggage at the moment.

We buy three wines from Pat: his top Corbières, the Cuvée Laval (the picture above shows Pat in the Laval vineyard); a less expensive, lighter, soft and supple wine, the Cuvée Tony, still within the Corbières appellation; and a pure Carignan, the Mazuelo45+, which is a vin de table, like many of the pure Carignans that seem to be in vogue in Pat's neck of the woods at the moment. The French can't get enough of the racy, acidic, Carignan, and find the Tony a little too easy, whereas here in Ireland the Tony is much more popular.

Pat and co-owner Catherine, both originally from Wexford, have some strong views about what they do and why they're doing it, which is one of the reasons, besides their wines, we like working with them. I'm inviting Pat to join the blog too, and I hope he'll put some of his own points up in the not too distant future. If not, I'll try to make time to post a paraphrase of his introductory e-mails to us.

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