Delivering the goods

Jazz birthdays today: Harry Beckett's birthday, Benny Goodman's birthday too. There was some tasty flugel playing - 'nice' band all round - at the London Wine Fair. You always end up having to play Wave, though, on these occasions. The young lady from Ipanema thankfully escaped my notice, if she was there. Any road up, to business. We are changing the way we store and distribute our wines, by engaging the services of a logistics company to do it all. When the transition is complete we'll no longer need to use the Cork Bonded Warehouse, or store very much stock ourselves; and in theory we won't have to make any deliveries ourselves either unless we choose to. All of which could mean a few more precious minutes in the day for the marketing and promotion side of things, blogging included. Here's hoping. If you're reading this in Suffolk, you shouldn't be. Put the computer away and go to the Show. If you're already there, same advice applies. Reader, you may scoff, but there isn't anywhere I'd rather be today or tomorrow.