Cork got soul - everything but the squeak

Thanks to Caroline at Bibliocook for reminding usabout, and explaining, tonight's Slow Food event at the Lobby. Trotters, Declan Ryan's bread, Beamish and more on the menu. In common with American soul food, it ought to be simple, satisfying and cheap, and enrich the eater. Cork has a long history with the pig, which is handy for when you need a ham hock or whatever. There's a good chance people know what you're on about. Precisely, the guys on the Gubbeen stall at MP Farmers' Market tell me that there's a bit of a run on ham hocks at the moment. Long may An Crúibín run, if it can keep a bit of authenticity about the place, and notwithstanding the objections voiced by the Peoples' Republic of Cork. I'm making Hoppin' John. I wonder what the rest are doing?