Christmas Crossword 2018

Welcome to the BB Christmas crossword competition 2018!

This year's crossword

Here is our Christmas crossword 2018 for you, with a tasty prize for the winner and something for all correctly completed entries. If you haven't picked up a printed copy already, you can download the puzzle as a .pdf file here: Download the 2018 crossword As in the past, the clues mostly have something to do with wine, or Christmas, or Cork. They're a mixture of more or less straight and slightly cryptic, but there's nothing ridiculously hard if you don't mind a challenge and have access to Google and, ideally, a crossword fan who can point out which might be anagrams and so on. Please note, we repeat, that we're not professional crossword compilers, so make allowances, don't take it too seriously, and enjoy having a go—you've got until the sixth of January 2019 to get your entries in.

Prizes and results

On Saturday 6th January, 2019, we'll hold a draw for first prize, and announce the winner here and on Twitter and Facebook too.

The first prize is a bottle of really good champagne

from Jean-François Clouet of Champagne André Clouet. This is wonderful pure Pinot Noir bubbly from the Grand Cru village of Bouzy. André Clouet Réserve Brut champagne All correct and complete entries received—one per person, please—will win a €5 gift voucher.

How to enter

Download and print the crossword using the link above, or collect a printed copy from us. (We've published the grid and clues here just to give you an idea of what you're in for). You'll find copies in plenty of other places across Cork, too. Complete the crossword and then:

-Hand in your entry at our shops in the English Market and Marina Commercial Park, or

-Send legible scans or photos of your entry to the e-mail address on the form, or

-Post your completed Christmas crossword to us at Bubble Brothers, Marina Commercial Park, Centre Park Road, Cork T12 ND2W

Grid for Bubble Brothers Christmas crossword competition 2018
1 A confused feat of cheesemaking (4)
3 I've Mr Dipso in a muddle: it's made up as you go along (10)
10 Taverns (9)
11 Alkaline—it's elementary (5)
12 Town on the Vienne river, famous for Cabernet Franc (6)
13 Galician white wine, and its grape (8)
15 No diphthong for this wine expert (9)
16 Roasting not far from Ballincollig? (5)
17 A kind of anticipatory breath (5)
19 Evidence of reindeer? (9)
23 So jammy—keep a lid on it (8)
25 Irish province otherwise known as mac (6)
27 I hear Carol's are Christmas ones (5)
28 Roughly speaking, a great place for German wines (9)
29 Derry rebel turns out to be senior fruit (10)
30 One of eight under the goldie fish (4)
1 She said yes (7)
2 O, strive! for the home of Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG (7)
4 An agglomeration at midnight (4)
5 About the answer? It's on my list for the New Year (9)
6 A trembling in the voice, maybe in 27 across (7)
7 Japanese rice dish (5)
8 They have their PhD (7)
9 Sounds like Santa—what a laugh! (2,2,2)
14 Light, fresh wine from northern Portugal (5, 5)
17 Ecstatic followers of the wine god (7)
18 Shows off ware, or wear when snappy (7)
20 The Côt or Auxerrois grape, by another name (6)
21 What you sometimes do with your steps (7)
22 D'result can be sugar-coated if carefully mixed (7)
24 One of the Qashqai or Tuareg (5)
26 Sounds chilly in Co. Offaly (4)