Christmas Crossword 2019

Welcome to the BB Christmas crossword competition 2019!

This year's crossword

Our Christmas crossword 2019 follows its predecessors with a tempting prize for the winner, and something for all correctly completed entries. You can download the puzzle as a .pdf file here:

The season to be jolly

We've given some thought to what has worked in previous years—and decided not to make any significant changes. Once again there is a mixture of clues, and a good few of them have a wine, or Cork, or Christmas connexion. The idea is to bring people together for a bit of fun and see what the meeting of minds comes up with.

Googling allowed

In this last outpost of what artificial intelligence can't do, there is a cryptic element through the puzzle in order to give humans a chance. On the whole, though, none of the solutions should be beyond the reach of an average crossword fan with a standard dictionary.

One thing we're not

Please note, we repeat, that we're not professional crossword compilers, so please make allowances, don't take it too seriously, and enjoy it for what it is—you've got until midnight on Sunday 5th January 2020 to submit your entries.

Prizes and results

On Monday 6th January, 2020, we'll hold a draw for first prize, and announce the winner here and on Twitter and Facebook too.

The first prize is a bottle of really good champagne

Krug is acknowledged as one of the very finest champagnes in the world.


‘Every glass of Krug Grande Cuvée is the fruit of many years of craft and patience. The art of blending many years gives Krug Grande Cuvée its unique plethora of flavours and aromas, incredible generosity and an absolute elegance that would be impossible to express with the wines of a single year.
Every year, we recreate from scratch the multitude of facets that form perfect harmony on the palate, no flavour dominating or competing with another; this is the main characteristic of Krug Grande Cuvée. Its myriad aromas make Krug Grande Cuvée the richest of them all. Its true generosity means that everyone can find something in it that stirs their emotions.’

Eric Lebel, Chef de Caves, Krug

A prize for all correct entries

All correct and complete entries received—one per person, please—will win a €5 gift voucher.

How to enter

Download and print the crossword using the button at the top of this post or this link, or collect a printed copy from us. (We've published the grid and clues here just to give you an idea of what you're in for). You'll find copies in plenty of other places across Cork, too. Complete the crossword and then:

-Hand in your entry at our shop in the English Market, or

-Send legible scans or photos of your entry to the e-mail address on the form, or

-Post your completed Christmas crossword to us at Bubble Brothers, Unit Eight, Cork Bonded Warehouses, Little Island, Cork T45 WP22

Christmas crossword 2019 grid from Bubble Brothers


1 Wine region north of Lyon (10)
6 City stops the wine getting out (4)
10 Enter at speed for an altercation (3, 2)
11 Listen, Mrs—the entertainers are confused (9)
12 A round at the Everyman? (8)
13 Keep the mercury low and don't move (6)
15 Blue dogs and black cows? This is the place! (5)
16 API septet is reconfigured for inclinations (9)
17 Like the holly and the ivy and 29 across (8)
20 Wine region north of Bordeaux (5)
22 Garbled idiom includes 50% of UK to withering effect
and 9 down (6)
23 Duck, tongue and citrus (8)
26 Not the latest fabric or rose (3, 6)
27 Way out matter (5)
28 A very particular kind of snowman (4)
29 Found at the end of mistlefeet? (10)


1 Strong drink under the top of the barrel, for soldiers (7)
2 Takes pains to reveal a bargain (1, 4)
3 The first of twelve in 2020 (7)
4 Slashed map, recycled, made light filters (10)
5 Taverns in National Schools initially (4)
7 Recipe for indigestion (7)
8 You might find them under 29 across (7)
9 Bad news for homeowners—nonsense! (3, 3)
14 Free trade arrangement is chilly for stallholders (4, 6)
17 The study of wine in the USA (7)
18 Final revision broke off the engagement (5, 2)
19 Gas duo makes cheeses (6)
20 Delivery professional (7)
21 They are encouraged to smoke in Mass (7)
24 Italian red (5)
25 Wise men from the East (4)