Château Jouclary: the latest from the Cabardès

Cabardès wines back in stock

We don't like to run out of the delicious Cabardès reds of Château Jouclary—any of them—but it does sometimes happen, and then there's a general sense of discomfort till they're all back in stock again.

Hard judges

I'm delighted to report that we've just received our latest order from the Cabardès, and that you'll shortly be able to try the 2015 vintage of the Cuvée Tradition, which won a gold medal at the Paris Concours Général Agricole, and the Cuvée ‘Les Amandiers’, which took a silver. If you've ever witnessed the judging of stock or produce at an agricultural show (eg the imminent Suffolk Show 2017), you'll know that these events are a tough gig. Fair play, not for the first time by any means, to Pascal Gianesini for upholding family pride; and, by all accounts, there's plenty to look forward to in the 2016s as well when it's their turn for release. Fans of long standing will have noticed that Cabernet Franc is now part of the Tradition blend, and its cedary freshness has done the mix no harm at all, while of course obeying the AOC Cabardès stipulations about the blend: the proportion of Atlantic (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot) to Mediterranean (Syrah, Grenache) grapes in the finished wine cannot exceed 60:40 either way.

French press

If you'd like to read a glowing appraisal from someone besides meself, there's an article in the Agriculture section of La Dépêche du Midi that summarizes recent achievements.Pascal Gianesini in the cellars at Château Jouclary, AOC Cabardès

Frost report

At the time we placed our order, it was looking as though not one of Pascal's white vines had survived the hard frosts of last month, with considerable damage to the red vines too.

Raise a glass

It would be entirely appropriate to salute the resilience and skill of the artisan winemaker with a glass of any of the Château Jouclary wines: Cuvée Tradition, the oak aged ‘Les Amandiers’ or the prestige Cuvée Guilhaume.