Champagne dramatist

Well, it just goes to show how wrong you can be. I always thought the drama of Noel Coward was a secret vice of the English of a certain generation - but here's our youthful French colleague Valérie's report on the current Cork production, which she enjoyed no end. This didn't publish when I asked it to, so I'll take advantage of the fact to cram in another reminder about our ACCBank Cork Week champagne offer. Sail Away, as Noel might have advised you, with 25% per cent off the super-exquisite and delicious Tsarine Cuvée Premium Brut. Really good champagne, luxurious presentation in its St Basil's-dome-swirled bottle, and four for the price of three, &c. While stocks, and Cork Week, last. Noel Coward Private Lives by Noel Coward For theatre lovers, or if you want to laugh all through this play while sharing the true feelings of bitterness, anger or jealousy of its lively characters, Private Lives is for you... Here's Wikipedia's summary:
“The action concerns a divorced couple, Amanda and Elyot, both recently remarried, who accidentally book adjoining suites at the same hotel for their honeymoons. The play centres on the two leads and their agonising realisation that they still care for each other, and contains some of Coward's best dialogue. 'Private Lives' is set amid the world of the long-forgotten upper social classes of the 1930s and the four central characters are all glamorous beings locked within the social manners of the time.”
I highly recommend this play, which is currently at the Everyman Palace Theatre in MacCurtain Street - and for those who haven’t had time yet to see this wonderful comedy, its run will be extended until the 19th of July. I would advise you to book your ticket as soon as possible if you want to be sure to have a proper seat, because the theatre is overcrowded every night as this play raises a great success. Waiting for your comments, and have a lot of fun! Valérie