Celebrate with revolutioncycle - free champagne!

Today, the revolutioncycle.ie team, Fearghal O'Nuallain and Simon Evans, will be cycling across the Equator, not far from Quito in Ecuador. This is an achievement in itself, as you'll know if you've been following their adventures by blog, photo-reportage or twitter. Reaching this milestone will give the lads a boost as they ponder what to do on the next leg of their journey across Asia, with a Siberian winter looking like the best option in the circumstances. We're supporting the celebration at the Irish end with a very special offer, just today - so you'll have to be quick! If you buy one bottle of the premium Tsarine champagne that is exclusive to us and was so well reviewed by the Best of Wine in Ireland when we introduced it,
Wonderful aromas of just-baked strawberry tarts. Flavour-packed palate of baked apples, brioche and strawberries. The ripe fruit is backed by moderate acidity, and the finish is long, creamy and elegant.
...admired by champagne expert Tom Stevenson and winner of numerous accolades from French wine guides, this champagne should be much better known here.
we'll give you a second bottle free. For customers who collect their wine from us in Cork's English Market or here at the Marina Commercial Park, this is the equivalent of paying less than €25 a bottle. If you can't get to Cork, then we can send the two bottles to you anywhere in Ireland for our usual delivery charge of fifteen euro - or can put them aside for you to collect at a later date, if you're going to be down our way in the near future. Every pair of bottles that we sell will include a donation to Aware, Fearghal and Simon's chosen charity, of five euro. With the sun shining, you should definitely have a bottle or two of terrific champagne around. Here's a chance to
  • get some great champagne
  • get a second bottle free
  • celebrate with Simon and Fearghal, and support Aware into the bargain
We look forward to seeing you in Cork - or to taking your orders from our website.