California Wine Annual Tasting 2010

On Thursday in Dublin there is a trade tasting of wines from California, an annual event but one at which, for the first time, we'll be on the other side of the tables, representing the wines from Cycles Gladiator that you may have noticed on our shelves, along with a few other interesting bottles from parent company Hahn. If you dare to court controversy, you should give the Gladiator wines a try. There aren't many Californian wines in Ireland occupying the lush pastures between the summits of very expensive and very cheap, and we're naturally pleased to be able to offer such great value from the USA. If there's sufficient enthusiasm from the Irish trade, we may consider adding some of their less flying-bicycle-ladyish cousins to our list, too. Advertisement for California wine tasting in Dublin Tip for visitors: see how your professional dignity is getting on among all those 14% plus wines, by regularly dropping into conversation the name of the Californian state flower. It's the eschscholzia.