Buy a Revolutioncycle T-shirt and support Aware

Fearghal and Simon, the Irish cyclists pedalling around the world, have now reached Argentina and already survived a tussle with a bus within hours of landing. I'm reporting a recent post from verbatim, in the hope that some of you might choose a Revolutioncyle t-shirt as a gift for someone, and in doing so contribute to the funds of Aware, who support those struggling with depression. Here's Fearghal's post. If you're not already keeping an eye on his and Simon's adventures, you should. Their global adventures provide some perspective on the seasonal hoo-ha closer to home.
Christmas is a great time when everything is going well. Unfortunately, thats not always the case for everyone- and the festive season can be a time when people are particularly prone to depressive episodes. For many, Christmas time brings anything but comfort and joy- a time when everyone is supposed to be happy excentuates the difficulties travials and those who are not. Aware provides support for sufferers and their families, especially at this time of the year. You can support Aware and solve some of your christmass gift problems with an official Revolution Cycle t-shirt delivered to your door for a little over €20. Follow this link to find out more. 100% of proceeds go directly to Aware Find out more about Aware or details of their Surviving Christmas Lecture on Wednesday the 10th click here.