Burgundy masterclass

On Tuesday I went up to Berry Brothers and Rudd in Dublin for a masterclass in burgundies hosted by Jasper Morris, who is a Master of Wine and Berry's Burgundy buyer. What's, as they say, not to like? Six hours on the train reading (AA Gill's book about the English mostly) and then a go on the LUAS. Oh, and of course the excellent presentation of some terrific wines by Mr Morris, who keeps his eye on the ball (and the extent of growers' care in the vineyards) by living in Burgundy for most of the year. Both white and red wines were represented, and I'm very glad I made it past McDaid's into the panelled, clubbish rooms of Berry's. Because Bubble Brothers do not at the moment specialize in burgundy - or claret - as many other importers do, it's very useful for us to keep up to date with what the standard is in the two most prestigious French wine areas, and of the particular aesthetic pleasures to be had from those wines. You can understand what might turn a person into a wine buff.