Blackrock Pier Market this Sunday

If you're within striking distance, you should try to go along to the Blackrock Pier in Cork this Sunday, in the middle of the day,

because once again a market has been organized to bring together any number of good things to eat and drink. The Natural

Foods Bakery is at the heart of it all, and I've said before what they do: you can download a pdf of their regular menu from the

Bubble Brothers website links page. In addition to the wares offered by the NFB and Baile Bella, the Italian deli from across the

road, there will be at least another dozen stalls of temptation there on the day. We're planning to go along and tell people that

we exist, and that the Wine Depot is only half a mile away, but licensing law means we shan't be able to sell away from own

premises. There's a chance we'll be opening on Sundays until Christmas, though. When I know for sure I'll pass it on.