Biodynamic Wine Blogging Wednesday no. 29

It's soon time for another Wine Blogging Wednesday. Jack and Joanne at Fork and Bottle are the hosts this time. All you have to do is buy a bottle of biodynamic wine, drink it, and put your tasting notes up on your blog or website on Wednesday the 17th of January. (And let Jack and Joanne know, of course.)

The Fork and Bottle page I've linked to has heaps of useful information and links &c., and I simply haven't time to give you my dilettanteish overview of biodynamics anyway. Please comment below, though, if you've questions you'd like me to answer.

The principal Bubble Brothers biodynamic suppliers are Montirius, Meyer, Champagne Fleury and Château Romanin. All French, you'll notice. If I've left anyone out, please remind me and I'll amend this list.