Back to square one

Haven't done a jazz birthday for a bit. Charles Kynard today, rare groove fiends. Nice.

I don't see our wines mentioned too often on the Supervalu blog (because there isn't one, ahem - (picture of Glenda the greengrocer for the Blogorrah boys on the Supervalu website, though)), but in anticipation of that happy day, I'm getting my retaliation in first. What was probably the very first post on this blog mentioned a tasty but pricy

Bordeaux Supérieur offered to us by Château Pierrail, which I had to politely decline. Anyway, to cut to the chase, lo! and behold, there it is in Supervalu, smashed down from twenty euro to fifteen ninety-nine. Now I don't know what got it there: if it was Mme Demonchaux's persistence, or the supermarket buyer's reckoning that a big hefty red with Bordeaux on the label couldn't hurt - but at the sale price it's value, I reckon.

In other news, we're working hard on the consequences of our trip to the Loire wine fair, with samples turning up from day to day and restaurateurs gnashing their teeth to get new wine lists put together.

Iki beer is looking more and more exciting as we go along. There's a container coming in next week, and the press are starting to take an interest now that customers in Dublin are enjoying the refreshing change, &c. &c.