Advertising/informing with Twitter

What with having so much time on our hands for idle mooching through the forest of new-fangled ways of doing things, you can now, if you've a mind to, follow Bubble Brothers via Twitter (precisely, @bubblebrothers). We are one of a select but growing gang of Irish businesses drawing attention to themselves in this way. Damien Mulley recently posted a round-up. I'm in no doubt that my immortal mutterings in reply to Twitter's "What are you doing?" through the day will indirectly, by way of social media abracadabra, result in hitherto unimagined success for the business, but I can equally imagine that most people won't be willing to stretch their imaginations to the point where they can see what the dickens they have to do with wine.
With this in mind, and at the suggestion of third parties, I've also popped the cork on a second Twitter account @slurps. All I'm intending to do is put a wine a day from our list out into the twittosphere, with a brief, cheery description of the wine and its current retail price. No heavy sell, just: here's a wine we stock, in case you didn't know. I'd be interested to know if you have any opinions about this. One or two very pertinent tweets have already begun the debate, and yes - it's a nuisance having two accounts, and dilutes Bubble Brothers' Twitter presence; but I can imagine plenty of people might want the wine without the guff, and the wine-only channel will be handy if there were ever need to integrate @slurps into some other site or system. And yes, it's nakedly commercial; but in what, I think, is a neutral way that is equally nakedly informative. Please weigh in if you will.