Thinking about the way wine sales have developed over the last ten years or so, there has been an obvious move away from Chardonnay to other varieties – hence the title of ABC (Anything But Chardonnay!). However, as Chardonnay is considered a classic variety due to the fact that it can adapt to many different climates, produce a variety of wine styles and has a great affinity with oak, it made me wonder why there is such a prejudice against such a fabulous grape variety. Some people will happily say that they do not like Chardonnay but would prefer a wine such as Chablis without realising that Chablis is made from Chardonnay grapes. What they probably mean is that they prefer a more restrained style of wine with little use of oak. Such is Chardonnay’s affinity with oak, and the big oak-filled New World styles became so heavy, that people realised there was an alternative when they sampled different varietals. Nowadays producers tend to be far more judicial in their use of oak and will tend to make a more integrated wine with the fruit predominating and less ‘oaky’ flavour. Chardonnay is probably the variety that can produce the widest range of styles e.g. oaked/unoaked, with malo-lactic fermentation or without, lean and restrained or very full and fruit driven as well as sweet styles and with the possibility to age and develop. Tasting a Hahn Estates Chardonnay at the California Wine Tasting event in Jacob’s on the Mall on the 4th April made me realise just how fabulous a variety Chardonnay is. The wine is full bodied and fruit driven, but coming from the Central Coastal Region of California it is a high quality wine and not overly oaked. It has an obvious creaminess to be expected of a Chardonnay at this quality level. This is however an premium wine which retails at € 22.50.

However, to celebrate this classic variety, Bubble Brothers has a fabulous offer – a 12 bottle case of Yering Mountain Pass Chardonnay at a hugely discounted price of € 60 or € 5 a bottle (this normally retails at € 9.50 a bottle!) when you purchase it from our Head Office at the Marina Commercial Park in Centre Park Road. Open Mon-Sat from 10.30-6.00.