A very palpable hit

The Hole in the Wall bar in Kinsale, Co. Cork re-opened last night - as it were - as Hamlets. Not an inspiring choice of name, to my mind, once you've got past princes of Denmark and cigars, via small villages, usually without a church. I should have made enquiries. It was a jolly do, anyway, and the weather held up, and the social pages photographers and their customary prey did what comes naturally.

I can think of reasons galore why the arriving guests were greeted with a glass of Jacob's Creek, and not something more interesting; but there were lively people there, and really moreish food that didn't come from a packet, and live music. I know having brands around the place suggests quality - just look at the giant inflatable sponsored-shirted footballer puppet in the photo - but a leetle bit of courage on the wine front wouldn't have gone amiss in the circumstances. In the fridge for me to try when I got in to work today was a pink fizz from Italy that would give the JC rosé a run for its money, for instance. But no big deal.