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Café Mao / iKi beer competition!

Konichi wa, possums!  We have a very tasty competition for you.

As you may know, Bubble Brothers are the Irish importers of iKi beer, the beer with not only


but also

iki beer - the beer with green tea in it

in it.

The increasing demand for this stylish refreshment means that we are now delighted to be supplying Café Mao, who have three branches in and around Dublin: Chatham Row in the centre, Dundrum shopping centre and on the seafront in Dun Laoghaire.

Please sir, can I have some Mao?

Young Paddy Mao!

Please sir, can I have some Mao?

I should think that iKi would be a very welcome addition to their range of beverages, which you can see on the pdf of the Dublin menu, available here or from the little comrade above.  And while you're smacking your lips over that, consider the

competition question:

Using what you know about iKi beer and Café Mao, leave a comment telling us which dish on the menu would make the best match for iKi, and why.

We have vouchers for a meal for two, including iKi beer(s), at Café Mao - one voucher for each branch.  We'll give them to the most imaginative or amusing answers (in the opinion of Bubble Brothers and the Mao team).

Good luck!

(and please spread the word to anyone else!)

12 thoughts on “Café Mao / iKi beer competition!”

  • Deborah

    I'm a big fan of Iki and always order it at Wagamama and Yamamori - glad Cafe Mao is jumping on the bandwagon as it's great stuff!

    I think the nasigoreng would be a great choice for the beer as it's traditional streetfood and I can imagine the fun of walking down a market street in Indonesia with a bowl of the delicious rice and a nice cool beer to wash it down!

    I also love the idea of Asian tapas... what a fun thing after work. Get a group of friends a few iki beers and a selection of tapas. Heaven! :)

  • Julian

    Hi Deborah, thank you for opening the bidding! Well done, too, for being able to think about all that so early in the morning...

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  • The Beer Nut

    I'd have to go for the Tamarind Cod with my Iki. The rich, sweet fruit-and-spice flavours you get with tamarind and ginger can be a little overpowering, especially on a flavoursome fish like cod.

    Follow each morsel of fish with the zingy, clean, citric bitterness of Iki, however, and you have a Zen-like harmony of complementary flavours and textures.

    Lotus position optional.

  • Elke

    Hi Julian,

    I don't drink beer unless it is in a mix for beer batter ;-) but if I had to choose, I would go for pistachio dumplings in saffron cream.....yum and I think beer would go well with it.


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  • Orl

    It has to be Nasi Goreng. Nasi Goreng is the ultimate comfort food (read: great for a hangover). if you can't decide what to order this dish contains prawns and chicken. the rice gives you the carb fix and its crowned with a fried egg! The indonesian person who came with Nasi Goreng must have had Irish blood. Why would you have an other beer if you are hungover? At the risk of sounding like Amy Winehouse, the hair of the dog works. Iki beer is not as sharp as some of the commercial European brands so it is easier on the stomach.

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  • Aoife

    I think iKi beer would be a perfect foil for a number of dishes from Cafe Mao

    Starter : Pork, Mango & Cashew Salad.
    The lightness of the beer works really well with the flavour combinations of the salad

    Main : Chilli Plum Duck
    There's a real mix of flavours in this dish and iKi both cools down the heat of the chili and cuts through the fat of the duck whilst perfectly complementing the meal. Pairing the iKi beer with this food brings a whole new dimension to both.

  • sandra gough

    Been a great fan of Mao's establishments I would like to give my take on iKi beer and the dishes that would compliment same.

    The delightful blend of beer and green tea makes a refreshing experience that is really sensational.

    My selection is as follows.....

    When not feeling too hungry I would opt for Sesame Tuna. This delightful fish coated in Sesame served on citrus roquette is savoured more keenly when washed down with delicious iki beer.

    Second choice.....

    Thai Summer Prawn Salad. These delectable tiger prawns tossed with fresh fruit and salad leaves in a sweet coriander and chilli dressing, are further appreciated when accompanied by iki.

    Crispy Whole Sea bass filled with stir-fried seafood, spring onions and soy. The fusion of beer and green tea in this brew would heighten my taste bud experience of this wonderful crispy fish dish.

    I am so glad iki and Mao are joining forces to improve an already wonderful dining experience. As I write this piece I am licking my lips in anticipation of a partnership that will no doubt enhance and compliment these two great established brands.

  • deirdre durran
    deirdre durran July 29, 2008 at 9.55 pm

    Give me Chilli Mango Duck with iki beer and I will shout hooray for all to hear !

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