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The best Marsala in Cork, in Ireland in fact

Clodagh McKenna's recipe in today's Examiner is well worth a try. But where do you buy Marsala? Use up the left-over sherry from last Christmas? I think not. Rush on down to Bubble Brothers, of course. We really do have the best Marsala you can get here, imported from the Frazzitta family in three grades: Fine, Superiore and Vergine. One of my customers this morning has pointed me in the direction of Gordon Ramsay's trifle as a good thing to do with the sweet variety of Superiore (the dry one would be better for Clodagh's dish), and though I do not love trifle, I may just give this a go, sans physalis. The pistachios swung it.

the best Marsala in Cork

4 thoughts on “The best Marsala in Cork, in Ireland in fact”

  • Lar

    I missed today's Examiner. What was the recipe? Chicken Tikka Marsala?

  • Julian

    I especially didn't mention that because I wasn't paying enough attention to remember, exactly, in the rush to get out of the house to work. My strong feeling is that it was pork, maybe chops... The standard recipe when I'm in the kitchen is to use pork steak (tenderloin) and wallop bits of that into escalopes, fry them in butter and deglaze the pan with a hearty slosh of the Marsala. Cream, mustard are possible additions, ditto salt and pepper to taste. If the Examiner were to be a bit less stingy about their food and wine columns online, I coulda linked right to the thing itself.

  • Alan

    No: I think it Mars 'ala Glasgow chip shop. Deep fried'

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