Pfaffl, St Laurent Waldgärten

Pfaffl, St Laurent Waldgärten

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St Laurent, like Pinot Noir, is “a diva in the vineyard” according to winemaker Roman Josef Pfaffl. You can look forward, though, to a charming performance from this Austrian red.

St Laurent is a distant relative of Pinot Noir, but its thicker skin gives darker colour and more tannin. Planting on cooler sites delays its early ripening to give spicy, strawberry aromas and fresh, plummy flavours. This is a full, focused and supple red, perfect as an elegant companion for beef as well as lighter dishes.

Like Pinot Noir, St Laurent is tricky in the vineyard, ripening early (often changing colour as early as St Laurence's Day, August 10th) and with a tendency for its close-packed berries to succumb to rot. However, the high quality of its wines makes growing it successfully a challenge worth undertaking. Winemaker Roman Josef Pfaffl has the vines for this wine planted at the edge of a forest, the close proximity of its trees to the Waldgärten site keeping temperatures down and allowing slower ripening. This leads to increased sugar levels in the fruit and also gives the relatively thick skins a chance to ripen before they yield their fine, gentle tannins in the finished wine.

Bottle of wine with cutlery and napkin

Supplier's websitePfaffl
Wine colourRed wine
Grape varietySt Laurent
Bottle size75cl

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