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Love the Lee

What's new? Here are our latest arrivals.

Sometimes it's just a question of a new vintage or a re-introduction, and sometimes it's a product or even a range that's entirely new to Bubble Brothers.

Novelty isn't everything, but there's always a bit of excitement when new wines arrive in Cork, and this is where you'll see what's new at a glance.

You can buy any of these wines direct from this page by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button,  or click the name of the wine to find out more about it.

New Products

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  1. Purato 'Siccari' Appassimento Rosso Terre Siciliane IGP
  2. Château Miraval, Côtes de Provence AOP Rosé
  3. Purato Catarratto Pinot Grigio Terre Siciliane IGP
  4. Lealtanza Reserva, DO Rioja

    Lealtanza Reserva, DO Rioja

    Online price €24.00
  5. Lealtanza Crianza, DO Rioja

    Lealtanza Crianza, DO Rioja

    Online price €19.00

5 Item(s)