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Some frequently asked questions


  Are you really brothers?


  Do you have any spare wooden wine boxes for sale — or to give away?

It's one of the most FAQ, but unfortunately the answer is that we don't. Very few of our wines are packed in wooden boxes, because cardboard is cheaper, lighter, takes up less space and is very good at protecting the bottles. The wooden boxes we do have are put to good use for storage and display in our shops and by our trade customers.

  Can you order in a particular wine for me?

It's unlikely, but we do recommend the excellent wine search engine at wine-searcher.com as a means of finding out where a given wine is for sale to the general public. If the wine is one that you enjoyed in an Irish restaurant, the manager ought to be able to put you in touch with the supplier.

  Do you sell Irish wine?

The climate and geology here don't offer much scope to even the most optimistic winemaker, but in the meantime we do have a selection of wines with Irish links.

  Do you sell cigars?

Why, yes, we do. The place to go is our shop in Cork's English Market, where we keep a good range of Cuban and non-Cuban cigars. At the moment we don't sell online, as availability varies and we hold only a little stock at a time, but our cigars page gives an overview as well as a link to a useful article for the unaccustomed on 'how to smoke a cigar'.

We keep a subset of our Market range at our Marina warehouse, too: half a dozen sticks of the top five or so sellers.