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    The olive oils of Olival da Risca are exclusively "extra virgin", and each one is a first class organic olive oil with Demeter certification. These untreated natural products of the highest quality are obtained with the utmost care from olives at optimum ripeness.The olives are milled immediately after harvest in the farm's own oil mill, and then undergo gentle cold extraction. This procedure ensures that all the valuable ingredients of the olives are conserved, resulting in excellent olive oils with intense green to golden yellow color, a fruity taste and a characteristic flavour.

    The team consists of the Swiss Bernhard and Zehnder families, and seven employees, who together handle all the work: the agriculture, the oil mill and the office. Also part of the family are: Susanne Mäder-Zehnder, who has been farming cattle on the estate since 2002, her husband Ralph Mäder, co-owner of Risca Grande Lda. and their two sons.

    The team at Olival da Risca

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