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Wine tasting at the AGA shop I - a tour of the Languedoc

Thursday's wine tasting at Cork's AGA shop turned out pretty well, as far as I can judge, even if Paul Kiernan's predictions had laid it on a bit thick by announcing that WINE-STARVED CORKONIANS GO GAGA AT AGA!


The AGA people, who nobly abstained "not while I'm on duty" from the tasting part of the tasting, had made their very attractive cooker and kitchenware showroom especially welcoming, and the bright warmth helped to suggest the southerly charms of summer in sunnier parts of the world.

I hope that all those who came along enjoyed the evening as we made our way through samples of white, rosé, red and red dessert wine from the south of France.  It's not every day, either, that Bubble Brothers have the opportunity to taste our own wines side-by-side; so there was education as well as entertainment in the blend.


Thanks to the selfless industry of the blogly participants, you can get the low-down in two places (not to mention the cheeps that went up to Twitter on  the topic) besides this post:

The Dine and Wine Club Cork blog offers a very thorough survey.  Thanks to Elke and her friends for their support.

There was healthy and vigorous discussion on Brian Clayton's table that spilled out into the night and probably succeeding days, too.  His encouraging post is here.

It seems very likely that the next gathering to taste our wines in the AGA shop will take place in mid-August, and we're thinking of Wednesday 19th.  Much more likely than not, we'll be opening up a selection from Spain on that occasion.

3 thoughts on “Wine tasting at the AGA shop I - a tour of the Languedoc”

  • Paul K

    Never let reality get in the way of a good red-top headline!

    Was very sorry to miss it but, if next one is scheduled for a Wednesday, I am almost certain to make that.

  • Julian

    And that was a good red-top headline!

    I knew there were one or two people otherwise engaged on Thursdays, so thought we'd give Wednesday a go instead. It'd be great to have you along.

  • Elke

    Hi Julian,

    the night was a great success. Thanks a million. Everybody enjoyed themselves. And I will of course make it to the next one - no matter what day. Just let me know so that I can book the ticket.

    Will be in touch soon regarding the interview :-)


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