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Wine Australia Ireland 2010

Rathbone Raiders take their trophy at Touch Wine 2010 in Dublin
So here we are enjoying the fruits of our labours at the charity tag-rugby event that warmed up a number of Irish wine folk the day before the annual Wine Australia tasting.  As you can see, we won a cup.  There were other cups, more ostentatiously proportioned it must be said, that we might have won if we'd had a mind to.

Muscle, youthful vigour and the feminine touch were lent, in roughly that order,  to the Bubble crew by visitors from our Australian suppliers Rathbone Wine Group; the son, with his friends, of a leading light of Irish wine journalism; and a member of the Wine Australia team, poached to order because, as far as the Rules are concerned, a team with no ladies is no team at all.

We had a lot of fun before, during and after.

I ought to write a serious post about the extraordinary efforts of Wine Australia and its man in Ireland, John McDonnell.  I will try.

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