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Twenga gets it wrong

Immediately after the appearance of this post, Twenga put things right, appropriately and with courtesy. (I was unable to contact them directly - they noticed for themselves.) Way to go, Twenga.

Comparison is pretty odious when our euro prices appear on price comparison site Twenga as though they were in sterling, i.e. unconverted.

Like this (click the picture):


The implication of this mistake: that we are very expensive, is not especially helpful to us, even though we don't deliver to sterling-land. Because our wines are exclusive to us in nearly every instance, the opportunities for price comparison are pretty scarce.
You have to trust us - and your own judgement, which may be the harder thing to do - when you're deciding if we offer value. That's why I'm so keen to get new reviews on the website or LouderVoice, &c. A little diversity of opinion would go some way to showing whether we're offering value or not, when the acid test of price isn't effective.

2 thoughts on “Twenga gets it wrong”

  • Lisa Sarma

    Dear Bubble Brothers,

    We spotted your blog post regarding Twenga and are grateful to you for flagging the problem with your entry on Twenga – we have since removed your listings from the Twenga UK website.

    At Twenga, we aim to gather details of millions of products on sale online, all into one place, so that consumers can easily compare and find the right product. If, on the off chance, prices are posted incorrectly, we do our best to correct it as soon as possible.

    We also completely agree with you regarding price not being the only criteria for buying a product and will shortly be introducing more in depth consumer and expert reviews, so that users can choose the right product based on a wider range of criteria.

    Kind regards,

    Lisa Sarma, UK Content Manager, Twenga

  • Julian

    Dear Lisa,

    Thank you very much for your prompt, constructive response and appropriate action.

    I'm afraid the more discreet approach of filling in your e-mail form didn't work for me - undeliverable, access denied &c.

    I only wish that Ireland had a few price comparison sites like yours. Thank you for your attitude and help.


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