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Video encouraging you to try the wines of Cahors

Cahors is working hard these days to promote itself. We have some wines from the region, if you fancy getting in on the action.

3 thoughts on “Video encouraging you to try the wines of Cahors”

  • Tom Fiorina

    Interesting approach, promoting the varietal and not the terroir. I wish that they would get away from the "Black wine" aspect of Cahors (I don't believe that it's a selling point), but I like the fact that they're showing the beauty of the region--and I'm referring to the architecture and landscape here, not that lovely young lady. This "The French Malbec" approach may appeal to younger wine drinkers, particularly in the U.S., who don't have a fixed opinion about Cahors. I just hope that the producers don't go too "international" in their winemaking approach, losing those traditional, distinctive Cahors tastes and characteristics that distinguish it from that other Malbec.

  • Julian

    I agree with you that it would be a shame if marketing strategy were ever to affect the diversity of wines produced.

    It's probably good for families', regions' and even countries' winemaking health, though, to keep an eye on export, and that probably entails some degree of stepping into line with the norms of how goods are marketed and sold.

    So far as I can see, though, France mostly fails to localize (less politely, I might say 'get it') culturally when she's trying to sell wine overseas. The outside edge of the outside edge of French wine marketing usually amounts to selling in a way that might be imagined to appeal to young French people. Beyond that, the national imagination stalls.

    So I'm pretty much impressed with the Cahors offensive, whose depth, breadth and length does no great disservice to the wines it's representing.

    I think the 'Black Wine' handle is probably no bad thing; given how busy, lazy or incurious people mostly are, let it become catchy English/international shorthand for the whole enterprise and not just the neo-medieval replica brew.

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