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Vaynerchuk for Ireland and guff-swallowing

Ever since I first saw Gary Vaynerchuk's wine tasting show, I've been racking my brains to think of how this might translate to Europe.  As I may have mentioned before, there are some pretenders to the throne out there: two English chaps on a sofa and a German fellow, and doubtless there are many more.  Now here's an alcohol-free spoof from the USA, which I bring you thanks to Gary V's Twitter feed.

As for the brain-racking, I've pretty much given up.  I can't think of a European way of doing the Gary thing that would be really worth watching beyond one or two shows, though I'm admittedly pretty impatient with most moving-picture nonsense.  What would work for Ireland?  

I think the best thing is for Mr V. to come to Ireland and do a couple of shows here.  We got whiskey, we got Wordpress boffins...

Maybe, on the other hand, you think there's just too much analysis, maybe even Mr Vaynerchuk's breezy blue-collar bonhomie... I thought, and I'm well aware I blow my share of hot air from this very blog, that Brendan O'Connor in yesterday's Sunday Independent had a point.

6 thoughts on “Vaynerchuk for Ireland and guff-swallowing”

  • Damien Mulley

    Let's get him here so. He'd be perfect to talk at a conference.

  • Julian

    Yup. I've dropped a few hints in his comments and with tweets, but a guided tour of Bubble Brothers might not be enough of an incentive for a visit. All suggestions gratefully received: what would it take to get Gary Vaynerchuk to Ireland?

  • [...] Julian wants to get Gary Vaynerchukto come to Ireland. How do we do that? [...]

  • Barry

    Just a thought. When the Digg and Revision 3 guys came over for Future of Web Apps London last year, he was with them I think. Don't know if you could meet up there at the after party or get him to cross the pond. Keep an eye FOWA for details.

  • Julian

    Hi Barry, thanks for the tip. My sources suggest the gentleman may be disinclined to visit this island. Lashing rain, economic mopery, enslavement to brands... what's not to like?

  • Niall Harbison

    I agree with everything you say here and was even talking to the Revision3 guys about this but as Wine library got dropped from Rev3 yesterday doesn't look like that will be happening. I agree that a wine show over this side of the pond would rock but it is a very hard thing to make interesting. I think the main part of his appeal is himself and I think his show would be a hit if he was talking about flowers or shoes or whatever he turned his attention to! We are working on a couple of wine shows at the moment but is a bloody hard thing to do to get mass appeal!

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