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Sure had a wonderful time last night...

Last night Bubble Brothers were at Café Paradiso in Cork, helping to raise funds for the Cork School Project, which is part of the Educate Together organisation.

I hope those present had as much fun as we did ourselves, as we introduced a selection of wines and told a few stories about them. That was one friendly, intimate, garrulous, relaxing evening.

Thank you to the Café, our cheerful hosts, and to everybody for sharing your diverse opinions of the wines with us; and congratulations to the raffle winners, who took home some interesting prizes between them.

Here's a list of the wines we tasted, in case anyone's memory needs refreshing. If you'd like a similar tasting for a group of people, let us know (obviously).

The sparkling start to the evening was provided by Veuve du Vernay.
Next up, a French Sauvignon
...and one from Goedverwacht in South Africa.
The final white wine of the evening was the unfamiliar and aromatic Torrontes from Las Olas.

Joining the whites to the reds, and unfortunately a little lost in the heady rose-petal mist of the Argentinian offering, came a delicious Gamay rosé from the Loire.

The first red wine on the list was from the Côtes du Rhône, Le Pas de la Beaume,
and the second from Piedmont in northern Italy, the Barbera Bricco Blina.
To conclude the red list, we segued from Barbera to Barbara Ann and headed west to California for the Cycles Gladiator Pinot Noir.

We wrapped things up in the time-honoured manner of the wine trade.

There's a tasting in Cork this Thursday 25th at the Sexual Violence Centre.  It's a fund-raiser hosted by Examiner journalist Blake Creedon, whose enormous enthusiasm for wine is never obscured by off-putting nonsense.  If you read this in time and can go, you should.  It'll be an entertaining and informative event - and provides a rare opportunity to see inside one of the impressive red-brick townhouses of Camden Place.  More information is available from Blake's own blog.

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