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Such a thing as a free lunch from MenuPages.ie

Like most people, I never win anything; chiefly, in my case, because I never enter anything. Competitions are just data harvesters,

brand new combine harvester
aren't they? I'm putting in the picture above, from Martin Pettit's flickr stream, because today I'm at the Suffolk Show, which is one of my very most favourite places to be.
However, I did win a prize from MenuPages.ie just recently in exchange for a mere few lazy clicks of a mouse. I signed up to MenuPages in the first place because someone in a cafe was very tolerant of a boisterous family visit just as they were trying to close, and I wanted to give something back.
I didn't expect to wine a hefty voucher for Fiacri House.

So hurrah for MenuPages, the excellent restaurant review site, who should be talking to LouderVoice without delay to take their service to a new level, and hurrah for my forthcoming free lunch, or dinner, as which there is no such thing, and hurrah - today - for the Suffolk Show.

2 thoughts on “Such a thing as a free lunch from MenuPages.ie ”

  • Elke

    Hi Julian, congrats to your win....let me know how the dinner/lunch went. Was planning to go there soon as well.


    • Julian

      I'll certainly put up a post about it when the time comes, and of course add to MenuPages' stock of reviews. Let me know if you get there first.

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