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Felco secateurs
I came to the wine business from gardening, so I'm pretty sanguine about the need to prune from time to time to keep things healthy and stimulate growth.

This is my last day at Bubble Brothers, is what I'm on about.

I don't feel that a factual or emotional summary of the six or seven years I've spent here serves any useful purpose, though I can't imagine having acquired such a variety of new skills and interests in such a supportive environment anywhere else; and I do regret not having the time (or courtesy, depending on your point of view) to write to people I've met or otherwise dealt with and express the appropriate thanks and so on.

My colleagues at Bubble Brothers will continue to look after you with due care and attention, not to mention energy and flair, as you avail of some of the most interesting wines, and wine-related entrepreneuring, in the country.

11 thoughts on “Snip”

  • Paul Kiernan

    Very sorry to hear that, Julian. Best of luck in the future and hopefully we'll bump into each other at something or other around Cork. Paul.

  • The Beer Nut

    Sad to see you go, Julian. You'll be missed. Good luck with whatever you're doing next.

  • Conor O'Neill

    Hoping you are moving the bigger and better things! All BB customers and suppliers are going to miss you.

  • Brian Clayton
    Brian Clayton June 28, 2010 at 2.25 pm

    thanks for everything Julian. I trust whatever you do next will provide plenty of the joie de vivre you so generously share.

  • Michael

    A big bit of sadness Julian at reading this news.
    I trust wherever you go to will benefit from your wit, erudition and absence of puffery and your skill with the secateurs.

  • Maurice O Mahony


    Wishing you every success in your next venture. When the word gentleman was coined, the creater had people like you in mind.

    Talk care and keep in touch,


  • Bubble Brothers

    Just have something in my eye at the moment, is all.

    You're all too kind by far - I've only been doing my job.

  • Paul O'Mahony (Cork)

    I wish I'd known you were moving on from Bubble Brothers - I'd have got down to see you at work.

    May I add my voice to so many others (including the lurkers) - may you take all your abilities to the next place and continue to be your lovely self.

    May others gain from your company & spirit & skills. May you love what is to come.

  • Gerry

    Sorry to hear you're leaving Julian. All the best for the future. Don't forget to keep in touch via Twitter.


    Liberty Wines

  • Olivia Murphy
    Olivia Murphy July 21, 2010 at 2.37 am

    Julian-sad to see you leave Bubble Brothers,you helped me out a few years ago with a college project I was doing on the wine industry,and you were a great help.
    From that I worked in the industry for a few years but have just set up my own small business now-totally different,a new road-I wish you success with the road you choose.

  • Mary Pawle

    Sorry to be so slow off the marks Julian, I hope that you are having a lovely time doing something fun. I shall miss our occasional chats about wine & gardening.

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