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Please don't think for a minute that I shall ever carry out my threat to open that soul food restaurant.

Not because squirrel brains are unsafe.

There are good reasons to eat the rest of the squirrel, anyway.

It's just that, as a plan, I don't see it coming together. However, it would still be good if, for instance, Gubbeen could have a go at some of those fine Southern smoked meat products like andouille (sausage) and Tasso (smoked ham).

Here are another couple of links of that particular sausage.

one from egullet

and here's a red beans and rice recipe, seeing as it's Monday and you want something that can be taking care of itself while you do the laundry.

I'm desperately trying for a wine link here and not getting close. Let's let the good times roll instead with Clifton Chenier.

And I'm fairly sure you'd find Damien Delecheneau's Riage Tournant rosé from the Loire Valley a delicious accompaniment to any of the above, if the beer ran out. I took a bottle home at the weekend and it is spiffing.

3 thoughts on “Smokin'”

  • Elke

    I am glad to hear that you put your plans on hold for the soul food restaurant - speaking strictly on squirrels behalf.

    I have tried the Riage Tournant a couple of months back but have to say that as nice as it is, it isn't a competition for the Goedverwacht Shiraz Rose. As Austin will tell you, I always go back to this one.

  • Julian

    I do think the South African rosé is very good, and in many ways a better match for bigger food flavours than the Loire one. It is a perfect party/barbecue choice: structured enough to be satisfying, but really refreshing too. If you ask Austin nicely, he should be selling you - and everyone else - two bottles of the Goedverwacht for €20 at the moment. Make hay while the sun shines, or not, and all that.

  • Elke

    Silly me saw this offer on Saturday when I paid Austin a visit but we got so caught up in chatting about wine clubs that I run out of time and had to head home...but it is on my list for this Saturday. Hope he still got some. And I might steal your idea of a nice BBQ.

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