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Sangue di Giuda

Sometimes we get asked for sparkling red Burgundy, but I hadn't heard of Sangue di Giuda DOC until this week. One of the e-mails that awaited me after my week off was from a customer wondering if we knew of a source for this sweetish, lightly sparkling red from Lombardy. I hadn't anything intelligent to suggest, beyond

  1. ask the blogless Irish wine importers, or Lorraine at Italianfoodies, and
  2. try to chat up a supplier direct

Has anyone tried this wine?  I must admit I'm not in a hurry to import it, as it sounds like a slow sell to me, but it would be interesting to hear from anyone with a view on the stuff at all.

36 thoughts on “Sangue di Giuda”

  • Wine Lover

    Sangue di Giuda is sweet yet surprisingly refreshing with it's unique fruitiness and spice. A delicious wine, but I have never seen it outside of Italy. Good luck to your customer in tracking it down. I hope you will let us know if (and where) your customer was able to find some.

  • eve goncalves

    Sangue Di Giuda was first introduced to me at Becco. A delicious wine which I was able to locate at Astor Wines. I have ordered two cases and now suddenly they do not have it any longer. I would love any help someone could give me in locating this wine.

  • Mick

    It can be found at http://www.tuscanywines.net/catalog/

    Hope this helps

  • Andre

    This wine is sold in VA at Dolce Imports. A VERY small country store in Yale VA.

    There WEB site"

  • bethan

    because sangue di giuda is so cheap in italy it is much more cost effective to contact any enoteca in Pavia and then pay the shipping fee on a case... bottles sold on these web sites for $20 seem to be a similar standard to that which you can buy in the DOC: PV27100: for 2euros as it has never really taken off all over italy but can only really be found locally due to the fact that PV sells a lot of its barbera grape to be processed elswhere and uva rara is not common further south

  • Teresa

    I'm not really a wine person but I have been searching high and low for this one. Tried in Italy 2 years ago, quite sweet, impossible to get - surely that is a sign enough it is rare! Get some, it will be a fantastic seller, I'd order 2 cases.

  • Julian

    Thanks to all of you for making the comments on this post such a constructive mixture.

    There's a good chance I'll be bringing in some Bracchetto, another sweetish, sparkling not-too-alcoholic red (from Piedmont) before too long. I think that may as close as we get for a while, but I have a mental note of the small but perfectly formed demand for the Sangue di Giuda.

  • marty

    I have bought the Vanzini Sangue di Giuda at a wine store in New York. Last time I bought their 3 last bottles. I am going this weekend but I don't think they have any.

  • Julian

    The Bracchetto supplier I had in mind is "100% out of stock" of everything until new vintages are available at the end of October. But I'll be waiting to pounce then.

  • Nilda Santiago

    I tasted Sangue di Giuda in Orlando Florida, the store is located in Park Avenue, I cannot recall the name of the store but it is a great place. This wine in on the top of my list. I bought four bottles. Great wine!!!

  • cathrine

    Hello, I am looking for Sangue Di Giuda 2006 (Tenimenti Confalonieri). Only one wine store in Brooklyn sells this, I am looking to buy online and have it shipped to someone.

  • Anna O'Higgins

    I also am a fan of Sangue Di Giuda; a local restaurant in South Florida (Hallandale Beach) serves it but will not reveal their distributor. How can I get my hands on it?

  • cathrine

    I can't even find it online from the links provided, lol help

  • Julian

    It's a good job I'm not obsessed with connecting the blog to sales, eh?.

    Any road up, if you have a look for Sangue di Giuda using http://www.wine-searcher.com/, even without the paid version, the suggestion is that this sought-after wine is available in DC, MI, NY, CA and NJ at least. It's a starting point, I hope. Let me know!

  • Paul

    Try Best Cellars on Lexington Ave in NYC.
    87th STreet.
    They carry Sangue di Giuda DOC from IL Torchio in Rovescala, Oltrepo Pavese . PV
    Excellent Value

  • Danielle

    This is the direct link to the Sangue di Giuda wine.


    Enjoy! :)

  • sherbear

    This wine is absolutely DELICIOUS. It is a little sweet, but very refreshing. I've had it a few times at a wine bar in orlando, FL and has always been a hit. They are always running out of it!
    I'm currently looking for somewhere to buy it!

  • Mary

    Just ordered Sanque di Guida from Astor wines for 14.99 a bottle today--Apr. 30/09

  • Darlene

    This is a great wine! I love sweet wines without the fizz and this wine is it. I had it at a restaurant in Melbourne, FL and I am looking for it in Jersey where I live.

  • Christina

    Tuscany House sells a wonderful version. I bought mine at a bazaar in Germany but they also sell out of England (and obviously Italy).


    Phone in England -

    Luckily, I bought a large case that we will be bringing back with us! It's wonderful!!!!

  • duimelotje

    sangue di giuda tenimenti confalonieri can be bought at 86 liquors in manhattan 86st btw first and second avenue. it is imported by international wine merchants of america www.intwinemerchants.com

  • Wende

    Excellent light and fruity wine, we had it with our dinner at Norwood's in New Smyrna Beach, FL. I bought their remaining stock of 6 bottles and they don't seem to have it any longer. Searching local wine shops now but may just order online. I shared with several non-wine drinking friends now they want more too.

  • Jessie

    Bought sangue di giuda from the link above (Tuscany Wines).. the wine arrived was packaged well and tasted great. They are reliable and offer case discounts.

  • Monty

    Sangue di Giuda is now available in the San Antonio area. I own a wholesale business and sell this wine made be Sergio Gelisi. His wine is the #1 seller in the Army Air Force Exchange Service overseas (AAFES is one of the largest retailers in the world). Believe it or not, we sold 120 bottles in four hours tonight at a tasting. This stuff sells itself. Amazing!

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  • Sherry

    As far as I know, Farm Fresh here in Norfolk, VA still sells the Gelisi Antonio Sangue di Giuda. It was one of their offerings at this month's wine tasting at Chrysler Museum.

  • Mandy

    Got it in Florida!! ITS AMAZING!! I love it!!

  • Carol

    Petty's Meat Market in Melbourne,Fl carries it for $16.99 There have a Wine Specialist there all the time. This is one of the best red wines I've tasted.

  • David

    SANGUA di GIUDA is A WINE WE CARRY ! PLEASE CONTACT DiVINCI WINES VA BEACH or go to http://www.davinciimportsllc.com/
    Call us and we can send it to you as we are the state-wide distributor for Sangua di Giuda.
    IT IS DELICIOUS ! 757-216-3054

  • David

    IF YOU WANT SANGUA di GIUDA . . . Please tell your local wine shop or supermarket (licensed to sell retail) to contact DiVinci Wines as we are only licensed to sell to operators and buyers. But we have a great great Wine ! GO FOR IT ! THANKS !

  • Bubba

    Great discussion and a whole lot of pretenders are out there of the original SDG by Sergio Gelisi, but I am the importer for Gelisi Antonio's Sangue Di Giuda "Blood of Judas". Monty's post from Oct '09 is correct- this great wine is in Texas as well as VA, NC, soon to be in SC, OK, and NV. Please see our website for retailers near you! www.dolceimports.com or join the Dolce Imports fan page on Facebook Thank you!

  • Margie

    I did a little research and in Florida the distributor is called Tuscany Distributors who sells only to restaurant and retail. If you're a private buyer like me you can go on www.tuscanywines.net . They're a shop in ft lauderdale that carries sangue di giuda and ship. I love this wine and bought a case and they gave me a discount. Very happy!

  • ernesto angulo
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  • Anna

    I saw a lot of versions of this wine but I find the Oltrepo Pavese Luigi Scarani Sangue di Giuda (pink label) to be the best. I ordered it from Tuscany Wines. They give you case discounts. Such a great wine and value.

  • Malay

    Try Urban Taj Sangue di Giuda. Available online now at great price. check it out guys!


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