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Podcast - French Malbec

I can't remember if I've put this up yet, and it's all a bit embarrassing, frankly, but I did speak to the estimable French-Malbec.com about their principal topic of interest:

Podcast - French Malbec.

I had meant to make this part of a post reporting on the visit of Jean-Raymond Clarenc of Clos Triguedina, Malbec masters, to Cork, but that will follow in due course now.

2 thoughts on “Podcast - French Malbec”

  • randulo

    Nothing embarrassing at all, you sound very intelligent! If you meant the forgetting part, who can keep up these days with all the posts? :)

  • Julian

    Thanks very much - too kind. I'm just embarrassed generally: a dilettante with a conscience. Of course no-one can, or should try, to keep up with everything. We're forced into discernment.

    We enjoyed Wine and War in the office. I'll try to catch up with the Kladstrups on "Is Champagne Faltering?" over on your site, and hope some of my readers will, too.

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