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Bubble Brothers

  • Straight from the producer

    Like visiting those birds or fish that take a chance in between the teeth of bigger, generally uglier creatures, I called in this morning to the weekly farmers' market that sets up on the plaza of Mammon Point Shopping Centre, to do some buying direct from the producer. The market...
  • Taste, perhaps?

    This story isn't exactly breaking news, but if anyone out there wants to pour away their Cristal in sympathy with Jay-Z and restock with a less offensive marque, we'd be happy to help. So what if our champagnes mostly come from smaller producers whose names aren't exactly brands (yet)? The...
  • Some reassurance about "contains sulphites"

    We're being asked more and more about the statement "contains sulphites" (it is also permissible to spell them "sulfites") on wine labels. Since last November, effectively every bottle of wine has to carry this announcement, as part of EU bureaucracy in the interest of those who may have an allergy...
  • English Market update

    Austin Brennan, manager of the Bubble Brothers shop in the English Market, gets a day off on Monday, and today I'm holding the fort in his absence. It's always good to be in the Market anyway, because of all the sounds and smells and the people flowing round its alleys...

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