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Bubble Brothers

  • Becoming knowledgeable on cork is incredibly important.

    Those of us in the area are already aware of this, of course. - Oh no, hold on a minute! whoa Nelly! This is a Decanter article about the tree stuff you close bottles with, which refers you to a six-marker questionnaire on the topic. Probably more use as internet...
  • Forthcoming events

    Our Big Wine Event on October 24th, which I mentioned recently, and will keep going on about, is starting to take shape. In addition to the suppliers I listed last time, we are expecting a visit from Pablo de las Heras of Bodegas Pingón, who will be showing off the...
  • A Cunning Plan

    Ok, here's the idea. I'm inviting our suppliers to become contributing members to this blog. I hope this will give some insights into what they think is interesting, take some pressure off yours t., get some good photos posted and provide an exciting opportunity to exchange opinions. I've put up...
  • Empties

    Some recent empties. No in-depth tasting notes. They were all fine, the M&S Montepulciano was particularly rich, and the Porta Carmenère was beefier and less leafy and even more enjoyable than I expected. This latter is a wine that Taserra in Dublin have inserted into my local supermarket through the...
  • Pass me a pancake, Mandrake

    In the words of the song, everybody eats when they come to my house. Melted butter and maple syrup out of shot. Technorati tags: soul food, breakfast
  • Dent. Arthur Dent.

    My present fit of road rage caused the man on the Gubbeen stall at Mammon Point Farmers' Market to mention Arthur Dent and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which is just what I'd been thinking of myself in that particular connexion. Anyway, a related note is that I've...
  • Traffic fumes

    I incandesce no little bit to see this article, concerning the new motorway north of Cork, in yesterday's Examiner. Try as I might, I can find out nothing more about the issues it raises. No-one else has seemed to give a damn much since they started building the road, beyond...
  • Blogday

    OK folks, at Claire's instigation, I've introduced myself to a heap of new blogs today, because it is Blogday - post title links to the Blogday site. Here are five that show a bit of diversity, I hope. They're all new to me today. This is one that might have...
  • Shake, Rattle & Roll

    Q. For what should Mark Lamarr best be remembered? A. His rock and roll radio show for the BBC. Get down off the table, Mabel, the two dollars were for the beer! Technorati tags: rock'n'roll, music, beer
  • Bubbling under

    We now have two samples of Prosecco frizzante to try, from different ends of the swank spectrum - and different producers. Because they are not sealed with a mushroom cork in the way that champagne is, we pay only regular wine duty on them, not the double duty that the...

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