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Montirius Gigondas 2004 - Gary Vaynerchuk and Bubble Brothers

Hey wow, another one of ours on the thunder show. It would really help us to keep the Saurels at Montirius happy if you could take Gary's advice and buy some of their exemplary, biodynamic, unoaked Gigondas from Bubble Brothers. I'm afraid we can't offer it at twenty bucks, and I don't really understand how Mr Vaynerchuk does either. But it's worth every cent of €28.90 and I hope it's all the easier to part with the dosh when you have it tasted before your very eyes, not once but twice (he tries it again at the end):

5 thoughts on “Montirius Gigondas 2004 - Gary Vaynerchuk and Bubble Brothers”

  • Lar

    Hi Julian,

    what excise to they pay in the land of the free?


  • Julian

    I wonder that myself. The interweb isn't much use at first glance. Perhaps they just call it 'tax', or there's a disparity between national and regional. I just hope it's less than the equivalent of our €2.05, because the transport's got to be dearer.

  • Julian

    OK, here's the scoop on excise tax, from the US Treasury, per 750ml bottle:

    14% Alcohol or Less: $0.21

    Over 14 to 21%: $0.31

    Over 21 to 24%: $0.62

    Naturally Sparkling: $0.67

    Artificially Carbonated: $0.65

    Now I'm wondering if this is for imports, or for US home brews. There's some interesting reading concerning related matters as they concern private individuals returning home to the US at http://www.drvino.com/2007/07/06/wine-you-can-take-it-with-you-when-you-go/

  • Will

    Looks like a cracking little wine, Jancis Robinson has given it a big write up in the past also (http://www.jancisrobinson.com/articles/20080408).
    With regard to pricing, I can see how this was $20 in the states (for the 2004), seeing as it's on offer for €110/case in Bond (for the 2006).


  • Julian

    Hi Will, Thank you for the Jancis Robinson link. I hadn't read that piece, which will be useful ammunition when we come to do our periodic review of stock and suppliers.

    Where did you find 110 euro/case in Bond? Is that a US price? I can see Berry Brothers have the 2006 at 108 pounds ex their UK bond.

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