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Mas Codina Cava makeover: what do you think?

Here are the old (left) and new (right) labels of our popular Cava from Mas Codina.

Mas Codina Cava Mas Codina Cava

Let me know if you think this is an improvement. I'm inclined to think it is, myself. If you could suggest why it is or isn't in your view, so much the better.

2 thoughts on “Mas Codina Cava makeover: what do you think?”

  • Lar

    I think the left (the auld wan) looks like a cheap imitation of a champagne label, where as the new is simpler, clearer.

    They're almost saying we're going to let the stuff in the bottle do the talking, not the stuff that's on the bottle


  • Julian

    Thanks Lar, what you've said fits with my feelings about the estate. Toni Garriga keeps getting it right year on year, and he's justified in letting his pride open out into the confidence the new label suggests. And it just looks better.

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