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I've never Riesled

This is a quick summary of the wines from last night's wine club tasting, when the theme was White Wines in Tall Bottles.  I'll expand and correct this post for posterity as soon as I get the chance; but while there are are wigs on the green about Riesling, it may be helpful for them as weren't present to know what we tasted.

Agro de Bazán, Contrapunto Albariño 2008, Rías Baixas, €16

Eugène Meyer, Pinot Blanc 2007, Alsace, €16

Eugène Meyer, Muscat 2008, Alsace, €18

Eugène Meyer, Pinot Gris 2004, Alsace, €19.50

Eugène Meyer, Gewurztraminer 2007, Alsace, €20.50

MYSTERY BOTTLE (Blue Nun, €9.99)

Eugène Meyer, Riesling 2008, Alsace, €17.50

Brightwater,  Riesling 2004, Nelson NZ, €17.50

Mount Langi Ghiran,  Riesling 2006, Victoria AUS, €18.50

This was a thoroughly enjoyable night once again, with some full and frank exchanges of opinion on the tables.  Congratulations to the winner of the mystery bottle competition, who went away with some very good Prosecco and a jar of our hibiscus flowers in syrup.

Next month, on Thursday 29th April, we'll be tasting and discussing some wines made from the Malbec grape.  It's likely to be a sell-out again, so book early if you're interested: either buy your ticket online or give us a ring to reserve a place with a credit card.

4 thoughts on “I've never Riesled”

  • Kevin

    Wow, can't believe I missed this tasting, sounds right up my street.

  • Julian

    This wine tasting lark is taking off all over the place, Kevin - won't be long before one you fancy comes along!

  • Elke

    Can't believe my eyes when I read Blue Nun....how could you do that to wine lovers???? ;-) Hope to make it to the next one


    • Julian

      I'm not sure everyone disliked the Blue Nun as much before they knew what it was as afterwards! There were some fairly complimentary guesses about what it was worth and so on. One of the good things about the club environment is that we can get people to try wines that they might never buy, and confirm - or, preferably, challenge - their convictions about what they do and don't like. We're looking forward to the Malbecfest and hope to see you on the 29th. Only just over a dozen seats left at the last count!

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