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It’ll be lonely this Christmas…

Blake Creedon wrote about the pros and cons of buying your wine online in Saturday's Irish Examiner, though the paper still doesn't seem to see the usefulness of making his column and recommendations available electronically, so I can't link to his articles as I'd like. Anyway, in line with my earlier threats to try and increase the number of wine bloggers in Ireland, I've written to all those online wine outlets Blake mentioned:

REPLIER! www.mccabeswines.ie
REPLIER! www.mitchellandson.com

and asked them to have a look at this blog and make a comment by way of answering the following questions:

Does your company have a blog at the moment, or are you thinking of starting one?

If yes, please tell us more; if not, could you give a few reasons why?

We'll see what happens.

UPDATE 8th January 07:
Gerry Gunnigan at Mitchell and Son has written in to say that he's just found this post. (Looks as though some of my e-mails didn't reach their targets first time.) I think a blog would be an interesting addition to their already comprehensive website. Have a look.

Thanks to John McCabe for a prompt, positive and open-minded response; although blogs are new to him, he's promised to investigate in January.

7 thoughts on “It’ll be lonely this Christmas…”

  • On a note only slightly related to the title of this post (I'm hoping it won't be lonely this Christmas because of the mulled wine gathering we're planning!): Can you offer any advice on good wines to use for mulling? Also if you know of any good cider stockists? We'll be dropping into the warehouse anyway over the weekend, but thought given the season, others might be interested too! Thanks a million.

  • Things come slowly... let it come Julian.

  • Thanks for the comment. What an attractive blog you have! The old mulled wine is very sociable stuff. Once people get a smell of it, they want some, which is why we usually get a brew going in the English Market from about now on, towards the end of the week. I would suggest i)because the mixture evaporates, don't get anything too heavy or tannic. Inexpensive Spanish Tempranillo (an un- or only lightly oaked one) might be good, or perhaps Beaujolais Nouveau. It doesn't really matter too much in my view - you can always sugar'n'spice it, add water, rum, &c. to get the taste just right. For cider, I'd probably go to Eurobeers, our neighbours on the Marina, but I think they sell only by the case. We periodically try samples of Breton ciders and some of them are terrific, but we haven't taken the plunge yet and stocked any.I only watched a bit of Nigella last night, but I didn't hear her say bishop or negus, which was disappointing.Here's a hasty, random link to details of some of those other winter warmers, perfect for an Ice Fair on the Lee.

  • Thanks a lot Julian. After reading that Dickensian link, my big concern is whether my stainless steel pot for mulling is "very common" or merely common. Hopefully it will be common enough to avoid producing "hot sangria"!!

  • Good idea Julian! And to all new budding bloggers, might I suggest Wordpress as an alternative to Blogspot? We can't have the whole country on Blogspot!

  • Oh I got chapter and verse on Wordpress from Tom Raftery on the blogging course at it@cork, and of course I saw the error of me ways immediately. Might even contemplate migration if we redo our website in the new year. I don't want to lose my supplier contributors though with too many changes, especially now they'll have to cope with the transfer to Blogger beta.

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