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Infinity and beyond

I'm still coming to terms with the dizzying possibilities offered by the Bubble Brothers website upgrade. This, in the context of the thousand and one things there are to do every day that are more strictly related to the business of wine merchantry. And then Conor gallops into view on his white steed &c. &c. and brings Wordpress up to date for us. We are not worthy. Thank you very much indeed, sir! Now that we're safe from the spam-injecting exploit that has been distorting earlier versions of WP, it's just a question of installing that new plugin that automatically keeps all your work under control and up to date.

3 thoughts on “Infinity and beyond”

  • Elke

    Congratulations Julian for mastering the finesse of the modern technology....with the help of Conor....;-)

  • Julian

    I just blunder around until things are less worse than they were. Conor knew what he was doing, and all credit for improvements is due to him; for omissions or errors, to me. But thanks.

  • Conor O'Neill

    Now I'm petrified something will go disastrously wrong!

    Really appreciated the kind gift which will be "tested" tonight and reviewed tomorrow :-)

    Also, your idea on the labelling is absolutely brilliant and we are sourcing a supplier now. Thanks.

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