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iki beer - the ikipedia

japanese lass in the nip

We've been selling quite a bit of iki beer just lately, what with the sporadic sunshine and everything. This is a distinctively different, not to mention stylish way to refresh and reward yourself after a hard day's whatever, and of course it's a little more expensive than some other yellow beers. But they don't have healthy, wrinkle-reducing, free radical-busting green tea in them; and they sure as eggs is eggs don't have yuzu fruit, whose astonishing powers you'll have to discover for yourself. Here's the clincher, though: none of the competition has an ikipedia

Drink deep at the fountain of iki

that you can download for free. (Correct me if I'm wrong).

Just slip on your kimono and nip over to the iki beer website, where you'll find the link to all things ikipedic. And of course you can buy this delicious and rejuvenating beverage by the case from Bubble Brothers.

4 thoughts on “iki beer - the ikipedia”

  • Elke

    A nice excuse to drink beer......to make sure I stay healthy....;-) Have you tried it yet?? I can't imagine green tea in beer...

  • Julian

    And the more you drink, the healthier you get, of course. Although warm bitter (not so plentiful here) is more my cup of tea, I have had a few bottles of iki, and while I can't pretend to really know one yellow beer from another (Special Brew and similar controlled substances notwithstanding), the green tea and the citrussy yuzu appear to give a fruity fullness to the acidity in the beer: a little bit of extra, refreshing, zippy something that you won't find in most of the others - and of course heaps and heaps of style.

  • The Beer Nut

    Careful now, nanny doesn't like us talking about beer as being healthy. It is, after all, merely a drink for the lower classes...

    My review of Iki, from last year, is here.

    Any chance of some Asahi Dark, Julian? I'm hearing great things about it.

  • Julian

    Nanny should put her feet up with a nice glass of beer. Would do her the world of good. Thank you for reminding us about your review: does anyone care to contribute an opinion? The Asahi black stuff was news to me. I'd have thought it an obvious choice for this country. It looks as though the channels of distribution are already fairly well established for Asahi's Super Dry, so I don't think we'd get a look in on any other product with the big supermarkets ahead of us in the queue. But one to watch, and thanks for the tip.

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