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I call it sauce

Well, I bought those ham hocks from the Gubbeen guys, and I have some black-eyed peas lined up to keep them company in the near future. And now I've read this from the Humble Housewife, I'm wondering if there isn't a gap in the market for a soulful restaurant. I know running an eaterie is a two hundred hour a week kind of job, but the cuisine in question deserves better representation than this in a capital city, far and all as we are from the motherlode.

The Humble Housewife Reviews: Review of Tante Zoe's

2 thoughts on “I call it sauce”

  • Conor O'Neill

    A high quality not-too-pricey family-friendly cajun restaurant would be a huge success I think. Hook in the whole local-fresh-fish angle and it'd be even better. Big pots of bubbling spicy dishes with aromas wafting out the door...........mmmmmmmmm.

    p.s. sorry I didn't get in yesterday, will be in first thing next week!

  • Julian

    Don't tempt me, but mmmmmm... I think you're right. See you soon!

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